Still Standing Tribe Membership

The Benefits of Membership

  • Get pre-recorded coaching sessions on relevant topics to support your personal growth.
  • Coaching Sessions include a coaching guide you can use to follow along, and use whenever that topic is needed.
  • Sessions delivered via Facebook for convenience & communication.
  • Sessions are stored in our Coaching Library, for 24/7 access when you need them most.
  • Facebook Live sessions will complement and support coaching topics & allow for interaction with Tribe members.
  • Valerie listens! Feel free to suggest coaching topics!
  • Membership includes complimentary access to Valerie's digital course, 9 Actions for a Courageous Life ($197 value)
  • BONUS coaching, such as the entire library of the 9 Actions to Battle Your Beast!
  • An opportunity to connect with other warriors in the Tribe.

You Deserve to be Happy!

Valerie has been a business leader and mentor for three decades. As a child, she wanted to be a teacher, and little did she realize, she would become a different type of teacher. For years, Valerie has utilized many mentor programs and teachings for her own personal growth.


She lived for nearly 13 years on the Roller Coaster From Hell as a result of her daughter, Jamie’s addiction and attempted murder. In her darkest days, Valerie found a tiny bit of hope and a shred of confidence, and made the decision to stand up and fight for her life.


The 9 Actions to Battle Your Beast were born out of desperation, and are now helping thousands to reclaim their lives after all hell breaks loose.


In August, 2016, Jamie was murdered, leaving Valerie to learn how to live with a hole in her heart. Valerie has turned this devastation and many other life traumas into a passion to help others learn to stand through anything!


Weekly, Valerie provides coaching sessions via video on relevant topics to guide you through your challenges, and help you build the courage you need to stand, and to soar to new heights. We cover a wide range of topics from attitude and mindset, to relationships, building courage, and more. While Valerie believes that everybody has the ability to live with courage, the results her members have achieved, have surpassed her expectations!

Choose the Subscription Plan Best For You



per month

  • 3 x Month Coaching

  • Coaching Library

  • Facebook Support

  • Bonus Coaching

  • Access  $197 Program

  • Pay Monthly



per month

billed quarterly

  • 3 x Month Coaching

  • Coaching Library

  • Facebook Support

  • Bonus Coaching

  • Access $197 Program

  • Pay Quarterly



per month



  • 3 x Month Coaching

  • Coaching Library

  • Facebook Support

  • Bonus Coaching

  • Access $197 Program

  • Pay Annually Best Value


We are so confident you will love the Tribe Coaching, that we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! If you Don't love it for any reason, we will refund your money, no questions asked. We have not had to do it yet, but we still offer!

Here's What Members are Saying

Annelle Abernethy

Through the Still Standing Tribe, Valerie teaches us to stand up & fight. I have learned that I can live with joy and peace, and that I have a purpose. I am thankful for Valerie's heart for all of us.

Jeri Griess

I didn’t want to be sad and miserable all the time, and walk around like a zombie just going through the motions of life. I found Valerie & the Still Standing Tribe, I now  I immerse myself in my recovery.

Sarah Earle

These are life-changing and life-saving resources. Do yourself a favor and join the Still Standing Tribe, and soon you will be picking up the pieces of your broken heart.

Monette Hopkins

I was in sabotage mode & didn't think I deserved better. Thank God for Valerie.  I no longer feel self-pity. And, I bring The Tribe into my therapy. My therapists said, ‘I have seen such a change in you; You took a stand back in August, and you haven't stopped!

Dawn Ward

Thank you for your sacrifice for each and every one of us. I can’t tell you what it’s been like to be a witness to watching your strength, your love and graciousness. Thank you so much for the Tribe and thank you for caring enough about us to persevere.

Dianne Chatelain

I was on a video conference with the Still Standing Tribe when my son walked into the room and came over to the computer and told the ladies, "thank you for giving me my mom back." I knew my family could see a difference in me, and I have come a long way since that moment.

Frequently asked questions

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