Creating Your Legacy During the Coronavirus

You are probably tempted to hunker down (or are doing just that) during the Coronavirus pandemic. In many ways, you have, but that does not mean you are not still creating your legacy!


We often think that legacy or purpose comes with a big splash, and it can, but it is also in the every day motions of life. We leave an imprint on others one way or another, and what a great time to do just that! 


In the tough times lie the biggest opportunities to shine - to really leave a lasting legacy on at least one other person.


Your Story Matters…Live it, Courageously.


Valerie Silveira is an award-winning author of multiple books, workbooks, and journals to guide people worldwide through the path to Courage. She is a sought-after speaker and coach. Valerie is known as a woman of unwavering strength who has stood through the trauma and lessons of her daughter, Jamie’s addiction, her shooting at the age of eighteen, and Jamie’s senseless murder twelve years later. Her books are helping thousands to battle the beasts in their lives and are providing hope and healing for life's many challenges. Valerie uses these experiences, along with her decades of leadership, to empower women, through the Still Standing Sisterhood, to stand up and live courageously.

What They're Saying

Annelle Abernethy

"Through the Still Standing Sisterhood, Valerie teaches us to stand up & fight. I have learned that I can live with joy and peace and that I have a purpose. I am thankful for Valerie's heart for all of us."