Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus

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We look forward to Still Standing Live 2021!

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Living on the Roller Coaster From Hell for more than a decade because of my daughter, Jamie's addiction, I gave up on being happy, peaceful, or living a life that mattered. Finally, at my lowest point, I found a tiny bit of hope and a shred of confidence and stood up. I clawed my way through the darkness and learned to live again. You can too!


VALERIE SILVEIRA is a woman of unwavering strength who uses her battle scars to help others find their courage. Through the devastation of losing her only daughter, Jamie, over and over, to the addiction Beast, and ultimately to an unsolved murder, Valerie has learned how to stand up and fight for happiness, peace, hope, and purpose. She uses her journey and decades of experience teaching and training, to empower others to stand up and fight for their lives.


Valerie is an award-winning author, motivational speaker, and courage coach. She is the creator of the 9 Actions and the Still Standing Tribe. 


No matter what obstacles you face, Valerie's story, and her 9 Actions will show you how to stand through anything. 


Valerie has an incredibly relatable style, a great sense of humor, and her courage is contagious. She is down-to-earth, transparent, fun, and witty. Valerie is passionate about empowering others to overcome.


Valerie will make you laugh, make you cry (just a little), and make you think!




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