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Life is tough. It is filled with uncertainty and situations we have little to no control over. After a few decades on this planet, we all have experienced loss, heartbreak, disappointment, betrayal, unfair situations, obstacles, difficulties, and fears. 

Whether someone knocks on your door and delivers the worst news ever or you’re dealing with everyday issues, life can knock us to the mat. No matter what you face today, you can learn to live courageously. Together we will identify your challenges and create goals. You will make the commitment necessary, and I will guide you through the actions to reach your goals.

Dr. Simone Ravicz

Dr. Simone Ravicz, PhD
​Licensed Clinical Psychologist
​Licensed Trauma Specialist

"Valerie is an amazing woman. While she is an outstanding, inspirational leader and teacher, she remains vulnerable and openly expresses her emotions and the incredible pain she went through. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I am impressed by the amazing changes made by the members participating in Valerie's Coaching and Membership Programs."

Kalen Arreola

Veteran, CPT US Army

CEO Kalen Marie Consulting

Deputy Affairs Officer, US Navy 

"Valerie helped me put current day stress in perspective, with deeper insight as to why I may be stuck in certain areas. The greatest blessing about Valerie giving me one-on-one advice and insight, is her zero-tolerance stance on living with a victim mindset. So many people are not living their best lives because they feel like they are victims of their circumstances, including me. I realized that I was holding onto anger and other feelings that really weren't serving me."

Identify Challenges. Create Goals. Commit to Change.

Choosing the Coaching Option right for you.

All Package Options come with Complimentary Still Standing Sisterhood Membership, our group coaching program, for additional coaching, support AND the Tribe Community.

3 Session Pkg

  • (3) 45-minute Sessions

  • Follow-Up Email Each Session

  • 3 Month Complimentary Tribe Membership - $117 Value


One-Time Payment Only

6 Session Pkg

  • (6) 45-minute Sessions

  • Follow-Up Email Each Session

  • 6 Month Complimentary Tribe Membership - $234 Value


Installment Options Available

12 Session Pkg

  • (12) 45-minute Sessions

  • Follow-Up Email Each Session

  • 12 Month Complimentary Tribe Membership - $468 Value


Installment Options Available

All Packages (14) Day Money Back Guarantee.

All Package Options come with Complimentary Sisterhood Membership.

"VALERIE SILVEIRA is a woman of unwavering strength who uses her battle scars to help others find their courage."


Through the devastation of losing my only daughter, Jamie, over and over, to the addiction Beast, and ultimately to a senseless murder, I have learned how to stand up and fight for happiness, peace, hope, and purpose in the most difficult circumstances imaginable.


I use my journey of overcoming devastating loss, paralyzing fear, shame, guilt, betrayal, and more, along with decades of experience teaching and training, to empower you to stand up and fight for your life.


I believe anyone can (and should) overcome anything that his holding them back. I can show you how to do just that! Fight as if your life depends on it, because it does.

Your Story Matters...Live it Courageously

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