When addiction enters your life, it can turn your world upside down. If you are the parent of a son or daughter living with addiction, it feels like a nightmare. Siblings, spouses, other family members, and friends, all suffer in different ways. 


For years, I just wanted my daughter Jamie's addiction to stop. I wanted her to quit, so my life could go back to "normal." I needed to get off the Roller Coaster From Hell I lived on for 13 years.


What we are all looking for is the magic answer, but there isn't one. Those living with the addiction Beast can and do get clean, but we are not in charge of their path to recovery.


The biggest problem (besides the obvious stress, heartbreak, and disappointment) is that we begin to lose ourselves. We isolate or become pulled down by the sad stories of others. We can even wind up in full self-destruct mode.


We yell, scream, accuse, enable, make excuses, keep secrets, spend money we don't have, beg, plead and guilt-trip.


It often comes to a place where our happiness and sense of purpose have landed squarely on the person who is already carrying the massive burden of living with an addiction Beast. Now, we have compounded the problem with our own loss of self. 


It is time to learn how to live again. You can be happy, even when someone you love is hurting. You can find yourself after you have given up on you. You can reclaim your confidence and self-worth.


You MUST find a way to Stand Up & Fight for your life. It is the best thing you can do for everyone, including your loved one living with addiction. Be the leader that demonstrates it is possible to stand up in your darkest days. I thank God every day, that I stood up when I did, because I might not be standing today, after the knock on the door in August 2016, when I learned my daughter, Jamie had been murdered. Time is precious, so TODAY is the day to stand.


You are not alone, and you don't have to live in a world surrounded by addiction. You are MORE than all of this.

What People are Saying

"The absolute best you've ever given yourself. Her words and your actions will give you your life back." ~ Nina

"Your book changed my entire way of thinking, and I only got it Friday!" ~ Chris

"I have you Your book found its way into my life and the rest is history. Thank you Valerie! You changed my life, as you have done for so many others." ~ Betsy


"The 9 Actions are amazing. I have learned that I can live with joy and peace, and that I have a purpose. Thank you for your mama heart for all of us." ~ Annelle

"These books did more for me than all the hours of counseling ever did!"

~ Nancy

"The best thing that ever happened to me was Valerie's book. That is what opened my eyes. I thank you a million times over for giving me my life back!" ~ Lisa

Meet Valerie

Courage Expert, Speaker, Author, Mom of an Addict


Valerie Silveira is a woman of unwavering strength who uses her battle scars to help others find their courage. Through the devastation of losing her only daughter, Jamie, over and over, to the addiction Beast, and ultimately to an unsolved murder, Valerie has learned how to stand up and fight for happiness, peace, hope, and purpose. 


She uses her journey and decades of experience teaching, training and guiding, to empower others to stand up and fight for their lives.


Valerie KNOWS firsthand how to fight through incredible adversity and she can guide you - whatever it is you are wanting to do, achieve, or become.


The best thing you can do for everyone, including your loved one living with addiction, is to Stand Up & Fight for your life. Show them it is possible. ~ Valerie

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