Addiction In Your Family Doesn't
Have to Control YOUR Life

As parents of addicts, what we are all looking for is the magic answer, but there isn't one. Those living with the addiction Beast can and do get clean, but we are not in charge of their path to recovery.


The biggest problem (besides the obvious stress, heartbreak, and disappointment) is that we begin to lose ourselves. We isolate or become pulled down by the sad stories of others. We can even wind up in full self-destruct mode. We yell, scream, accuse, enable, make excuses, keep secrets, spend money we don't have, beg, plead and guilt-trip.

It is time to learn how to live again. You can be happy, even when someone you love is hurting. You can find yourself after you have given up on you. Reclaim your confidence and self-worth by giving yourself permission to be happy again. 

I stood up in my darkest days, and you can too. You are not alone. I am standing with you.     More About Valerie

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This video message is all about some of the things I have learned living my daughter's addiction. 


    Ann Grantham

    "I don't know how I could have survived my daughter's addiction without you and your books. My daughter still says she would never have cleaned up if I wouldn't have been strong enough to stop enabling her and to stand up and say I love you, but I don't love your addiction. Without you, Valerie, that would not have been possible."

    "My son told me changing myself was huge in his recovery. You are a game-change, Valerie." ~ Chris