Valerie is an award-winning author of multiple books, workbooks, and journals to guide people worldwide through the path to Courage. She is known as a woman of unwavering strength who. Valerie is a sought-after speaker and coach, who uses the trauma and lessons of her daughter’s addiction, her shooting when she was 18, and her senseless murder at the age of 30, along with her decades of leadership, to empower others to stand up and fight. Her book, “Still Standing After All the Tears,” has helped thousands to battle the beasts in their lives, and her most recent book, “Still Standing,” provides hope and healing for life’s many challenges. 


"I use my journey of overcoming loss, paralyzing fear, shame, guilt, betrayal, and more, along with decades of teaching and training, to empower you to stand up and fight for your life." ~ Valerie


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My life didn't start out on a high note. I was raised in the Puget Sound area, north of Seattle by a very young single-mother, whose dreams of college and whatever else a smart young girl might dream of, were replaced by three mouths to feed. My mom taught us the incredibly valuable lessons of hard work, honesty, cleanliness, and manners. But, she was depressed, and money was very tight. Life was chaotic and even scary at times.


Living on the Roller Coaster From Hell for more than a decade because of my daughter, Jamie's addiction, I gave up on being happy, peaceful, or living a life that mattered. Finally, at my lowest point, I found a tiny bit of hope and a shred of confidence and stood up. I clawed my way through the darkness and learned to live again.




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What People Are Saying

Dr. Simone Ravicz, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Certified Trauma Specialist 


"Valerie is an amazing woman. She is an outstanding inspirational leader and teacher. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Trauma Specialist, I am impressed to see the amazing changes in Valerie's coaching clients."

Kalen Arreola

Veteran, CPT, US Army

CEO, Kalen Marie Consulting

Deputy Public Affairs Officer, US Navy

"Valerie helped me to work through some past pain that I fully ignored. She helped me put current day stress in perspective, with deeper insight as to why I may be stuck in certain areas. I feel like I have the tools to survive  if any other challenges come my way."

Sarah Earle

Assistant Principal, Charleston, SC

“A few months ago, I was a wreck! Valerie's 9 Actions have allowed me to put myself first and live again. Her resources are amazing. Joining her Sisterhood coaching is the best decision I've made for myself in years other than reading all of her books.”

Annelle Abernethy

Family Support Group Leader

Since I first read the first book “Still Standing After All The Tears, I have said the 9 actions aren't just for women who are moms of an addict. Every man and women can utilize the actions to reclaim their lives from whatever is holding them back.

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