This mother turned the anguish & heartbreak over her daughter's addiction and unsolved murder, into a passion to help others Stand through anything.

Discover Your Courage!

Fear holds us back from doing and being more. Fear keeps us stuck in mediocrity, lack of confidence, low self-worth, and negative thinking.


Anything worth doing, having, or being takes Courage. It's time for YOU to live a Courageous Life.


"Fight for what you want as if your life depends on it, because it does!"


Courage Expert, Speaker, Author


Valerie Silveira is a woman of unwavering strength who uses her battle scars to help others find their courage. Through the devastation of losing her only daughter, Jamie, over and over, to the addiction Beast, and ultimately to an unsolved murder, Valerie has learned how to stand up and fight for happiness, peace, hope, and purpose. 


She uses her journey and decades of experience teaching, training and guiding, to empower others to stand up and fight for their lives.


Meet Valerie at a Live Event or work with her through the Still Standing Tribe Coaching Program. She can help you figure out what is holding you back, and how to break through those barriers. She KNOWS firsthand how to fight through incredible adversity and she can guide you - whatever it is you are wanting to do, achieve, or become.

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I was in sabotage mode & thought I didn't deserve better. Thank God for Valerie & the Membership.


Monette Hopkins

Valerie, my family has you to thank for this uplifting news. Your book found its way into my world and the rest is history.

Betsy Breineiser

I didn't want to be sad and miserable all the time. I found Valerie and joined the Membership. It's what keeps me going."

Jeri Griess

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