Whether someone knocks on your door and delivers the worst news ever or you’re dealing with everyday issues, you can learn to live courageously, free from fear, worry, self-doubt, shame, guilt, and everything else that's holding you back from living a happy, hopeful and peaceful life!

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You'll learn to live FREE from the fears, doubts, and life-controlling issues that are are holding you hostage. It's time to believe in yourself & unleash that power on the world.

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Kalen Arreola

"Valerie helped me put current day stress in perspective, with deeper insight as to why I may be stuck in certain areas. The greatest blessing about Valerie giving me one-on-one advice and insight, is her zero-tolerance stance on living with a victim mindset.  I can survive anything with the right tools and a sisterhood of support if any other challenges come my way."


Kalen Arreola, Veteran, CPT US Army

CEO Kalen Marie Consulting

Deputy Affairs Officer, US Navy 

Dr. Simone Ravicz

"Valerie is an amazing woman. While she is an outstanding, inspirational leader and teacher, she remains vulnerable and openly expresses her emotions and the incredible pain she went through. Her programs and 9 Actions helps allay the incredible suffering of families of addicts and allows them to develop hope and commence rebuilding the lives they desire and deserve."

Dr. Simone Ravicz, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
​Licensed Trauma Specialist



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